Eye Examination is more than just a check if you need glasses –

Our eye examinations will last around 30 minutes in which we will check the general health of your sight as well as medical history which could affect your vision. We carry out a comprehensive range of tests to determine your glasses prescription if needed. No rushing, just focus on providing you with the very best eye test.

An eye test is a vital health check for your eyes. Every adult needs an eye test every two years, Woodstreet together with the NHS advises having a test to check your health and wellbeing.

Book Now by contacting us for your child’s eye examination (aged under 16) so that we can book your child in our allocated paediatrics clinic. Your child starting school with the best possible vision

We are passionate about children’s eye care. We believe that they deserve the specialised care and attention with our paediatrics team.

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Visual field test & Intraocular pressure test are included. 

Jayesh Khistria MSc

All our Woodstreet optometrists have holistic approval to your eye care and wellbeing.

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Tuning the instrument. we make the sight test fun!

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Interested in having an OCT scan? Just ask any of the team.

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