Insights into Demodex Blepharitis: Causes and Symptoms

Introduction   Demodex mites, particularly Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, overgrow, causing the common eyelid condition known as "demodex blepharitis." This blog aims to explore the causes and manifestations of Demodex blepharitis, utilising reliable sources to provide comprehensive and accurate information.   Demodex is a common microscopic mite that resides in the hair follicles of

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What is Myopia Control?

What is Myopia and what are the best ways of dealing with it? Myopia is also known as short-sightedness or near-sightedness. Myopia is an eye condition that results in poor or blurred vision when viewing from a distance. It is also known as near-sightedness because people with myopia can still see things clearly that are

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Top Tips To Eyewear Styling

Top Tips To Eyewear Styling Top Tip 1: Embrace the beauty of Colour! Understanding the impact of colour is key. The correct colour against your skin tone, really has the ability to dramatically enhance your appearance. Many people stick to neutral colours because they feel safe, but colours such as blacks and dark browns can begin

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Screen Time and Eye Strain

Screen time and eye strain As screen use in the workplace and in the home continues to rise so does the number of people complaining of eye strain. Although there is no reliable clinical evidence to suggest that even long-term intensive use of screens causes any permanent eye damage people often experience temporary discomfort that

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What is Dry Eye Disease?

What is Dry Eye? Dry eye is a chronic disease and is certainly not sight threatening. However, it can impact quality of life and may progress as you get older and won’t improve on it’s own. What are the symptoms of dry eye disease?  Symptoms of dry eye disease include burning, stinging, irritated eyes, red eyes, sensitivity

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