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Regular eye exams can safeguard your child’s vision

Clear vision plays an important role in your child’s learning process, both inside and outside the classroom. When your child’s vision is compromised, it can hinder their development and their ability to learn.

Yearly eye exams allow your optometrist to ensure that your child’s eyes are working properly and staying healthy, helping them reach their full potential. More frequent eye exams may be required depending on your child’s vision.

Wood Street Opticians is pleased to welcome all children and offer FREE NHS eye exams and FREE NHS optical voucher if they require spectacles. Rest assured the team are on hand to make the eye test fun and comfortable for the child and help put the parent/guardian’s mind at ease.

Is your child due for an eye exam? Book an appointment with us.

Children aren’t always able to tell us that something is wrong, so it is vital that parents and guardians look for signs of vision problems in their children. Diagnosing and managing vision problems early is critical for your child’s visual development and can help them learn more effectively. Our experienced Optometrist and Optician have recently embarked on investing in speciality training on myopia management. Myopia management helps control short sightedness at a younger age, especially as it can be due to genes and constant use of digital devices. Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the best options for your child If you suspect your child might be experiencing difficulties with their sight, they should see their optometrist for an eye exam as soon as possible. When was your child’s last eye exam?

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