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Dry Eye Therapy

Dry Eye Therapy is more than an uncomfortable condition. It is a chronic, progressive eye disorder with treatment options. The majority of the cause of dry eye is inflammation in the oil glands (meibomian glands) of the eyelids and blepharitis (lid/lashes condition). This inflammation leads to blockage of oil production, which leads to eventual oil gland destruction. We can discuss options to help manage dry eye issues and offer impressive imaging using AOS (Anterior Imaging Software) to closely monitor your dry eyes. Call to schedule your dry eye assessment today!

Diagnosing your dry eyes

To determine if you are suffering from dry eyes, we use the tear break up time test. This test allows us to observe how much time it takes from your last blink to the appearance of the first dry spot in your tear film.

We use the AOS (Anterior Imaging Software) to demonstrate to the patient the degree of dry eye using advanced images, to help diagnose and manage dry eyes.

We diagnose inflammation in the eyes using a test called Inflammadry, which is also a sign of dry eyes. Also, we perform the phenol red thread test to diagnose dry eyes.

Causes of Dry Eye - Wood Street Opticians

Treating dry eyes

Wood Street Opticians offers a wide variety of dry eye treatment options to suit your unique needs. These treatments include:

Eye Drops/Pads: Artificial tears can provide you with relief from your symptoms. Our third-generation eye drops lubricate and help produce more tears. This helps to reduce the dry eye symptoms and is suitable for contact lens and non-contact lens wearers.

Eye Masks: Help manage and open blocked glands to give relief to all types of dry eye conditions

Deep clean Treatment: Our specialists can perform a deep clean/treatment on lids and lashes to treat blepharitis, which is an inflammation at the base of your eyelashes, resulting in dandruff-like flakes, irritation, and dryness. Meibomian gland dysfunction caused by clogged oil glands in your eyelids can exacerbate blepharitis. We use various oils and deep cleanse the lashes and lids to provide immediate relief.

Nutritional Supplements/Diet/Lifestyle advice: If you suffer from severe dry eyes and other forms of treatment are not working, we may suggest punctual occlusion. This involves inserting tiny, biocompatible plugs into your tear ducts. This increases your tear volume by ensuring that your tears are not draining too quickly, and can provide relief from some forms of dry eyes.

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