Project Description

Your eyewear can change your life! Have you ever stopped to think about the influence your clothing and accessories have over you?

Psychologists have begun to show that its impact is dynamic and diverse. According to Professor Karen Pine, your choice of attire has powerful feedback effects, it sends internal messages which can boost or dampen your mood and even alter your thought processes and capabilities! What we wear, our clothes, our shoes and our eyewear can affect how we feel about ourselves and therefore how others respond to us. This is why we believe it is so important to spend time discovering and investing in the right eyewear.

For many of us, our eyewear is something we wear in the middle of our face every day and choosing them should not be quick decision or based on function only. Your eyewear should make you feel the very best version of yourself every day, it is an investment in YOU. And you are worth it!

Every day we put on something from our wardrobe that has life changing potential:

• A well cut suit which subconsciously gives you the edge and lands you your dream job.

• A piece of unique jewellery passed down your family, that gives you the comfort and strength to keep going when times are tough.

• A beautiful new pair of glasses which connects you to a stranger, and in turn begins a forever friendship.

What we choose to wear can speak to others and change how they respond to us, but it also speaks to us the wearer, affecting how we feel about ourselves.

At Wood Street Opticians, we understand how important the right eyewear is to your overall look and self-esteem, which is why we spend time helping you discover your perfect pair or pairs with our complimentary Eyewear Styling service. Sit back and enjoy being pampered with a refreshment, along with expert advice from our trained Dispensing Optician Eyewear Stylists. We are a small knit team who believe in kindness, relationship building and empowering people to be who they want to be!

Our number one company value is to make a difference and our dream is that your new eyewear will be the trigger to transform your life for the better. And we love being part of your journey!